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Joshua Skogerboe

pastor :: communicator :: writer :: drummer :: designer :: lead worshipper


Phone 630-914-4517
Address 288 Sherman Avenue
Montgomery, IL 60538


My whole life is framed and guided by my relationship with Jesus Christ, and a few core beliefs about who God is:

(1)  God is the sovereign Creator.  He created mankind for His glory – to live in relationship with us that is mutually enjoyed.

(2)  Other than Jesus Christ, every person on the earth throughout history has fallen short of God’s perfect standard.  Because God is Holy (perfect, and “other than us”), we are separated from God because of our sin.

(3)  Jesus Christ provides an opportunity for everyone who believes to be reconnected into a right relationship with God through His death on a cross for our sins.  When Jesus bled on the cross, his punishment was payment for my sins.

(4)  Jesus was really alive – a real man, and fully God at the same time.  His death is a matter of historical record.  Three days later, He rose from the dead, and on that day, He claimed victory over sin and death forever.

(5)  If it wasn’t for Jesus, I’d have no hope.  Because of Jesus, I can live in FREEDOM.  I still sin, because I’m still corrupted by my human nature.  But when Jesus sees me, He sees me forgiven.

(6)  As I work out my faith, Jesus continues to refine my heart.  This lifelong process does not buy my way into heaven.  Jesus already paid the price for my sin.  So I live in the eternal reality that I am a forgiven child of God -AND- I am still working out my faith with prayer and fear of God.  This is a mystery.

(7)  Because God alone is worthy of the highest praise, it is not a character flaw for Him to seek it.  In fact, God’s highest passion is his own glory.  And my deepest need is to fulfill my God-given purpose.  I was created to give glory to God.  Therefore, God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.


This truth is the bedrock of my life.  It is the one thing I want my boys to know more than anything else.  Jesus Christ, the all-satisfying focus of our deepest devotion.



My Girl

I belong to Amy and she belongs to me.  I would marry her everyday.

Skogerboes_April 2014_small

I have five exceptional boys. I’m a fiercely proud dad.


Our fourth son, Joshua David, is adopted. We are HUGE fans of adoption.

What I am for.

I help people live out their ultimate purpose with freedom and joy through faith in Jesus Christ.

I spent the first 20 years of my ministry life helping lead worship in local congregations through music and the arts.  In May of 2014, I graduated from the  Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary.  In recent years I have sensed a greater urgency to help shepherd a local congregation, to teach, and to preach the Gospel.  As of June 1, 2014, our family has reestablished HOME in Montgomery, IL, where I am serving as Pastor of St. Olaf Lutheran Church.

I enjoy discussing issues of life and faith in forums that encourage non-believers and Christ-followers to interact and form relational connections. You can track some of my thoughts, ideas, rants, and various shiny things that grab my attention at http://jskogerboe.com.


My recent preaching and teaching can be found at http://bit.ly/solc_media

Things I love.

My bride. My boys. Creating. Playing drums and locking in a groove with a tight rhythm section. Reading a great book next to a pool on a hot day. Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream. Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream. Haagen Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Walking anywhere holding Amy’s hand. Driving. Preaching. Writing. My puppy, Sachi. Family Movie Night. Seafood. Checking tasks off a to-do list. Techno-gadgetry.


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Joshua Skogerboe
288 Sherman Avenue
Montgomery, IL 60538